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How to download videos from TED.com

Now, who wouldn’t want to preserve these idea capsules for posterity! The online videos available on TED can play via the browser, but due to the educational orientation of its video, many individuals often wish to download the videos from this site to learn anytime. There are two best ways to download video from TED. Both of them works well, there are only some added advantage if a certain method use.

Download TED videos on your PC

Method 1: Use our Web, Ted Video Downloader to download

The second way to download video from TED is by using the website https://freedownloadvideo.net/. This site is a dependable downloading website that grabs any online video clip including those of TED platform.

Step 1: Open TED video you would like to save, copy the link on the address bar.


Step 2: Open https://freedownloadvideo.net/ted-video-downloader on the new tab, copy the link copied on the text box. Hit Download.


Step 3: It will lead to another page, where you can choose the video format, hit download icon.


Method 2: Download Via Official TED Website

TED.com website offers two different ways to find and download a crisp and watchable video file of your favorite talk. One method allows you to download a video with automatic subtitles in English and several other languages. The other method quickly connects you to our largest high-res downloads to watch offline later, as well as our most lightweight download size.

Way 1: Subtitles. Every TED video contains a Share button. Behind this button is a download that comes with your choice of subtitles in English or any of up to 100 languages. You can also download with no subtitles at all, of course. Downloads are usually in our 480p file size; an 18-minute talk is about 140 MB.


Way 2: Small/medium/large files. If you already know the talks you want, head to their Quick list page and choose your talk and your preferred download size: Low, Medium or High. To give you an idea of file size, a typical 18-minute talk at low-res is about 20MB, a regular file about 40MB to 45MB, and high-res is about 140 MB.


Freaking easy way to download on your mobile phones

The TED app for mobile phones is built to adapt to mobile devices. You can find the TED app in the application store. Users can download video and audio directly to the device to watch on the plane or other locations where Internet connectivity may not be possible. The full library is searchable in offline mode.

Step 1: Run TED app on your device. Play the video you wish to download. And tap the Download icon.

Step 2: Choose the video quality and format you prefer. Hit download icon.



Downloading videos from TED is a quick process that can be accomplished using either the official website or third-party tools. The methods outlined above are easy to follow and should work on most devices, whether you’re using a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. With these simple steps, you can easily save your favorite TED videos and watch them offline whenever you want!

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